TAN Jack Deluxe was hanging and could not reset in the first place

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So here's what I experienced some weeks back already, just found a moment now to publish this here, so it might help others moving forward:

I acquired a TAN Jack Deluxe middle of November 2023 and could use it just fine wherever required. Just that day, I was in the middle of creating a TAN, but for some reason removed my debit card from the device, how it is sometimes, I think it was during reading the QR code created by my bank from my computer screen, the TAN Jack Deluxe just did hang all of a sudden. The touch screen did not work anymore at all and did not accept any type of input, displaying me the main screen as I recall. Looking here at Reiner SCT, in the support portal and elsewhere in the Internet too, I couldn't find anythingn from anyone, who did experience the same and/or how it was resolved. I was thinking perhaps waiting, apparently the device was turned on, because it was showing the main screen, until the battery is drained. But this could have taken ages and I did not have time for that either. A reset button, like many devices (somewhere) have or at least in the past had, to press with a needle or a paper clip, there is none. So after an hour ish, the display still turned on and still not accepting any finger presses, I actually ended up using a paper clip too, or you could use some whatever wire too, to connect - or rather hotwire -, the two contacts on the button of the device, which (else) connect with the charger. And after the hot wiring device atually did turn off and I was able to use it again. So in case you run into the same feel free to try it out, but:

Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk! Especially if you're still in warranty time. In case of the latter you might consider shipping it back to the vendor etc.


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